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As part of our participation in Pissed Consumer’s satisfaction program, we were notified
that you expressed a concern regarding your experience with our company.

SMS-NA, LLC (SMS), is a marketing company provider for several companies in a
variety of industries. SMS, and the companies it represents, works to increase the sales,
improve productivity, increase profitability, and improve the ease of operations of
small- to medium-sized companies, while helping business owners reach their maximum
potential and secure their financial future.

Based on the information provided in the complaint the issue was already addressed by
one of our ClientSRV’s representatives and no further action is required.

Should you have any additional questions or comments, please contact ClientSRV at 224-
715-3190 or via email at
Palm Bay, Florida

I too was contacted by SMS Corporation by someone identifyiny himself as Eric Taylor. His telephone number is 305 744 3001.

Eric started with a barrage of questions about my company. He said he had been referred to my company. After I asnswered the first few I asked him about his company and what he wanted. He became very agitated and started swearing at me.

I inturn gave him a few choice words and hung up. These guys have been calling me for months and I have had enough. I reported them to the FCC.

I then call Randy at the office number provided in another complaint and sked to be removed from their call list. He said he would do it immediately and thanked be for telling him about Eric.

Time will tell if the calls stop.

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