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SMS-NA - SMS Company lies to get information about your company

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SMS-NA, LLC (SMS), is a marketing company provider for several companies in a
variety of industries. SMS, and the companies it represents, works to increase the sales,
improve productivity, increase profitability, and improve the ease of operations of
small- to medium-sized companies, while helping business owners reach their maximum
potential and secure their financial future.

Based on the information provided in the complaint we were unable to identify your
business. Please provide us with the name of your company and business phone
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internal Do Not Call list and block the number(s) electronically.

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This company has called two days in a row, digging for information. They stated they were interested in getting a quote when they called yesterday.

I suspected it was a scammer from the multiple voices in the background and didn't put the call through. Glad I didn't - when I asked if I could get a number and have their call returned, "John" told me he was not in the office and calling from his cell phone, so he would have to call back himself. Hmmm.

This morning "Leslie" called about a "business matter" (different approach), and I wouldn't put the call through. They are scammers and they need better script material!!

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Hey everyone in Canada, we have the same problem here with these leeches. I had someone call last week from ABS wanting to set up a meeting, what made me suspicious is that after I agreed to it the guy suddenly said his company was SMS.

I already got conned by another one of these "consulting" firms, Lake Hart Associates. Be very aware of these guys as well, exactly the same scam! Let me tell you my experience with Lake Hart- same pitch, they will come in and do a business analysis for you, it will cost you just under a 1000 dollars and you only have to pay if you like their work. I did end up paying as I found their analysis somewhat useful.

After the guy finished that analysis, thats where the real pitch comes in. They will help you with growing your business by finding "efficiencies" in your business and also getting you leads on new potential customers. And for this you will "only" have to pay $15,000 per week!!!!! I wont get into further details on this, lets just say that the whole thing is a complete scam.

Useless information for a price that is close to mafia extortion money! SMS, ABS or whatever these *** call themselves operate under the same principle.

They sent a guy out to see me today and I told him to leave, and yes they are disorganized because they couldnt even get this so called agreement faxed over last week for me to look over and sign. What a joke lol

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